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Sanitizing Machine

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1) Main Switch

2) Air filter

3) Air Compressor

4) Spiral Hose

5) Tank

Easy-to-use Sanitizing Machine for Schools, Colleges & Universities

Sanitizing Classrooms, Corridors and Surfaces is hassel-free now

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Disinfectant To Use

Hydrogen peroxide based municipality approved disinfectant

Using BioSafe XTR® Hydrogen peroxide based disinfectant is higly recommended.


A BioTek Solutions LLC product, Biosafe XTR® is a high level disinfectant formulated for disinfecting all types of surfaces, fruits, vegetables, tools and equipment. It is based on stabilized hydrogen peroxide; consequently, it will decompose in water and oxygen leaving no harmful by-products.

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Pure Plus - Promo Video 1 - AKSON Pneumatic LLC

Pure Plus - Promo Video 1 - AKSON Pneumatic LLC

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